best mountain bikes under 2000

If you like adrenaline and adventure, then you need to have a mountain bike. On this article we are going to review the best mountain bikes under 2000. We know that they can be pretty expensive, but you must know that you can find excellent options below $2000 USD. This article is perfect even for people who are on a budget, because getting a high quality mountain bike shouldn’t cost a fortune.

The List:
Here you will find our selection with the best mountain bikes under 2000. We have selected them based on price of course, but also in function of quality. So you are getting a list with mountain bikes which are affordable for your budget but of great quality at the same time.

Scott Spark 760/960:
Price: $1999 USD
Just a dollar below 2000. This bike is perfect for people who enjoy long rides on their mountain bikes. It’s made of high quality materials, which ensure outstanding stability along with resistance to the pass of the years. We also have to say that it’s pretty versatile and easy to manage, you will feel like you are flying! Overall an excellent choice.

Scott Contessa Scale 710:
Price: $1499 USD
This bike has been especially designed for women. It’s agile and comes in a great price. It’s known for its great stability and “power”, because it can ride smoothly even on the hardest roads. If you go with this bike to the adventure, then none won’t be able to stop you! This is a machine made bike, and at such a great price you really have to buy it!

That’s all for now. You have two choices, the first one is better suited for men, while the second one is especially for women; choose wisely!